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"In the Company of Cheetahs" is a riveting account of life on the savanna in Namibia, Africa. Here, the largest stronghold of free-range cheetah remain...and that is why I have come - to help this beautiful cat survive on the planet.  
On stunning landcapes, continuous parades of wild animals thunder, dart, or bolt all around, but my goal is to assist cheetahs in their battle against extinction. Join me as I take an active volunteer role at the Cheetah Conservation Fund to learn, and work hands-on in the field alongside Dr. Laurie Marker (Founder & Director of CCF). Find out how Dr. Marker's heroic actions have made a difference for the cheetah. Follow me, as days shape-shift into similes of Big Cat Diary episodes.  Anything can happen (and does!). Expect the unexpected. Hang on to your hat as weeks turn into Indiana Jones-like adventures (did I mention that this place is not for sissies?). Find out what makes the world tick and why conservation matters. This book is an easy read filled with humor, candor, and many beautiful photographs. If you love animals and nature and care about the future of it "In the Company of Cheetahs"! 

"In the Company of Elephants" 
(Release date: 2017)

"In The Company of Cheetahs"


Written by S.K. Niel
Foreword by: Dr. Laurie Marker,
Founder & Executive Director - 
Cheetah Conservation Fund